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Availability of Waivers

On September 3, 2021, HUD issued a Memorandum regarding the Availability of Waivers for Ida Impacted Parishes. Section 14 (Page 11) of this waiver permits the participating jurisdiction to use self-certification of income, as provided in §92.203(a)(1)(ii), in lieu of source documentation to determine eligibility for HOME assistance of persons displaced by Hurricane Ida.
This waiver applies only to families displaced by the disaster (as documented by FEMA registration) whose income documentation was destroyed or made inaccessible by Hurricane Ida and remains in effect for six months from the date of this memorandum.
The participating jurisdiction or, as appropriate, HOME project owner, is required to maintain:

  • A record of FEMA registration to demonstrate that a family was displaced by Hurricane Ida; and

  • A statement signed by appropriate family members certifying the family's size and annual income and that the family's income documentation was destroyed or is inaccessible. 


A full copy of HUD's memorandum, the declaration of displacement, and CDBG self-certification documents are available for download below. 
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